…from the ground up

this was a place i knew. i have lived here so long & it is what i felt to have known. this was a place i called home.

it had weathered the storms of life i tell you. some of the paint is chipped. there are minor damages accumulated along the way. but the foundation is where the root of the problem lied.

it was the cause of a lot of the damage. thinking that i could patch it with quick fix after quick fix. to only accumulate more damage & loss of value along the way.

but the day that i stood firm & told myself the truth. i then knew that i had to let the entire home go. starting with the foundation or the damages. either way the structure could no longer exist.

the struggle it is to rebuild what you thought was the dream home is exhausting. because now you see the real work that it takes to build it literally from the ground up. but the work is worthy of the exhaustion.

to understand the land & foundation is key. then you begin to create the structure that will soon be your new home. the one that is exactly how you imaged it. filled with love, passion, happiness, work, & peace.

to then have the opportunity to stand back & admire your new home. the thing that you are most proud of. something that was crafted & created by you. though others can add things to it, if you allow. knowing that it is still yours if them & their trinkets have are no longer desired is a beautiful feeling. this home has a value that cannot be counted in your eyes.

admire & love your homes. do some renovations if need be. but be sure to take care of home.

with peace, love, & many blessings

💙 deja

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