teach them well…

children fascinate me. not in a i want kids way (giggles) but in a way that is legitimately interesting & entertaining to me. i do not want children of my own, just a personal decision i made awhile ago & it works for me. i am however blessed to be an aunt of some of the most amazing little people ever. they are my favorite type of people. they are unedited & unfiltered people who are learning as we all are.

with the lovely pleasure of being an aunt, i get to tap a toe in the water in regards to children being around on a more constant basis. between them & the innocent gems that my friends have, kids are a true hoot. no matter how much they can stomp on a nerve & i do mean do a mean routine that will drive most insane, remember to be patient.

now i am no expert by an means. but, what i will say to the lovely parents or as an involved & instrumental figure in a child’s life, please fill them with love & affection & understanding. they should learn it at home with you in my opinion.

now what i mean by that is stop chastising children for things that they are unaware or unfamiliar with. when i hear people say, “put that baby down. they just want somebody to hold them, ain’t nothing wrong” but how are you so sure? most times as an adult, if i am safe & not in harms way by any means & i am crying, it’s due to my emotions. something has triggered me. not because i’m spoiled. not because nothing is absolutely bothering me. again i am not an expert.

don’t call them spoiled or cry baby, take time to learn what’s not feeling good. don’t compare & contrast them based on complexion. allow them to see how beauty is within us all in one manner or another. don’t allow them to fear talking to you. you can learn a lot from children if you allow them to talk. don’t allow your traumas from live be poured into them. don’t allow all the negativity that lives within this society we live in to infect them. inform them about the troubles of the world but don’t teach them to be afraid of it.

teach them how to handle these difficult times if certain things are to occur & how to appreciate the small beauties in life. get them counseling if needed. mental illness is a real thing. they don’t always “grow out of it” take the time to invest in something that you crafted & created.

as an individual who has gone to therapy (highly recommend it to ALL) & is currently working on parenting the inner child, it is tough. start now with your babies.

now please do understand i have had one of the best parenting systems & experience with my mom (in my opinion but i’m biased lol) but there were still things unbeknownst to her that still need to be addressed within me. she does the best job that she can, even currently by staying involved & communicating.

i say all this to say, love on your munchkins. nurture them even when it hurts. even when you tired. even when you think it’s nonsense. this can be a cold world & children learn that from an early stage of life. make sure you equip them best way you know how without making your shit, they shit.

& parents y’all continue to make this world a better place by nurturing up compassionate & healthy children. the world will thank you for that.

with love

deja 💙

•peace & blessings babes•

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