currently as i sit…

so much has happened. like life is really happening. but today i’m in a better space. i had the pleasure of sharing some real emotions & my friend took the time to walk me through them. from personal experience & a place of love. it’s such a wonderful feeling to be loved by people. not necessarily in a romantic way. but in the way of genuine concern. someone rooting for you no matter what. but also providing an uncomfortable truth that one may not want to hear. my friends have always been so solid with me. even on my darkest days. they remind me of the work, growth, & beauty in who i’m becoming. they adapt with the changes i am making with myself. they never hold me to my former self. they accept the growth & evolution than wanting to hold me hostage to a space where i was not fully equipped to handle things how i handle them now. they allow me to freely be me. they love me for me. whether i’m an annoying ray of sunshine that they are happy to see. or when i am tornado in the severe thunderstorm. they never judge me for my bad days. they allow me time to process & accountable for the choices i made. nothing is forced. everything just naturally flows with them. & i am thankful & truly appreciative for that. they all balance me & it fills me up on the days where my cup is empty. so to all my friends, thank you & i love you.

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