if we being honest…

i miss the person i fell in love with. i miss how we use to talk & text throughout the day. i miss just being around you for the peace & laughter. i felt safe with you. i felt good with you which was a rarity for me.

i thought honesty is where we stood. i kept nothing from you. i thought that was a gift that was reciprocated. i thought that in sharing our truths we were creating a foundation. the time we spent together was like no time i’ve spent with a person before.

the goofy flirting. the passion & desire to have one another. falling asleep in your arms. i even remember how warm my heart felt. you telling me how you would watch me sleep. waking up hot because you were breathing up against the back of my neck.

days felt warmer. air felt cleaner. long as you were here on the voyage with me. it was all i needed. i felt like i had discovered someone who appreciated me for me as i appreciated them for them. support each other’s dreams & healing.

damn. just to see that person is long gone & to stare in the eyes of someone you don’t know anymore. the person who cared to understand now cares less or not at all. often makes you wonder. but i will cherish what warmed my heart & eased my spirit as guidance with discernment so that i can love more & better.

many blessings to you all 💙

peace. happiness. love.


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