hopefully this finds you well…

..how do i begin this… to be honest i’m in a state of shock & appreciation. & it feels really amazing. with the decade & year closing out, so much internal self auditing has been occurring within myself just to see where i am & how i feel.
i have learned a lot about myself & it’s beautiful in its own way. knowing that leads me in a direction of creating & maintaining relationships that allow my unique beauty to be admired, possibly inspired. but not judged.
learning & practicing to be vulnerable & honest. separating my ego from what is reality. understanding that if truth is to be obtained, be prepared. because it comes unfiltered. & that’s okay. processing feelings & emotions from the inner child. learning that forgiveness, acceptance, & moving on is more freeing than one will know.
it’s been a lot. shit. grab the drinks & cannabis & celebrate to overcoming all placed before us. i’m so happy & proud of how far not only myself but those who surround me have come. knowing that we support one another & value the friendships we’ve made is so refreshing. to know that you have a tribe that supports you warms the heart.
so love openly, freely, & happily. express it in the manners that work for you two. live for you. not the opinions or suggestions of others. live for your happiness. be considerate of those you love & who love you in return. self love is key. learn to enjoy your own company.
define what is love in your own terms. share those words when you find yourself feeling them with whomever. appreciate peace & learn that most things that interfere with it are not worth the hassle.
so hopefully this finds you well & it gives you something…
much love
many blessings

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