hip hop inspired entry…

“i want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love.
That Jada and that Will love”- j cole

made me start to think. what do you want? then it hit me..

that kind of love

have you ever thought of all the happy moments of romance that you’ve shared with others? like damn that shit made my cold heart warm. it be so small yet intimate & sweet. sometimes it’s the small things. maybe.

you know the smile you have when they grab your favorite snacks from the store. when they know you’re order when you go certain places. someone who shares their food even though you said that you weren’t hungry. i know so annoying.

that person who will wash your hair after a long day. leave a toothbrush at the crib kind of love. laughing nonstop because the jokes gone fly kind of vibe. let me wear your clothes comfort. i share me with you exchange.

wash your back in the shower intimacy. kiss your back while playing in your hair. heavy breathing in your ear while kissing on your neck. kiss your body. everywhere. licking & tasting. you know the hot & steamy. i desire you all the time type love.

allowing you to have your space. allowing you to express who you are openly & freely. the kind of love that understands a conversation does not have to become an argument. the i can apologize when i’ve hurt you kind of love. the kind of love that you can trust. the kind that doesn’t make you wonder or worry. the kind love that is in touch with self & reality. the kind love that is safe. fun.

the kind that is a twin flame. not a savior. but appreciates the opportunity to simply journey with you. the kind that welcomes in love. allows it to happen & returns it.

love big. love loud. love honestly. love in a manner that feeds your spirit.


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